The demon continued...




Before painting the "mask", I placed the two characters together: wow!  They had an instant rapport!  And the heights were good too!  Buffy didn't need her high-heeled Fimo shoes, but she wore them anyway.    




Attaching the legs created a strange looking creature, but I was happy to see he could stand.  Next the wings!  Very nice!  And while he's a bit tippy, he can stand all on his own!  The wasp-ish torso gives him an insect-like look, the wings a batty look and the feet a bird-like look:  hopefully scary!



Oops!  I almost forgot to mention the ears!  I created bat-like ears in the same fabrics as the wings, which made a rather Anubus-looking head but that would change with the mask.  Also, there's a bit of eye-lash yarn to act as ear-hair!  And I made a small beard in the same stuff... and a tuft on his tail and ankles, which you can just see in the image above on the left!  

Once all the body parts were connected, the mask was attached.  While not very fragile, it still has to be handled with care. 




As you can see, at the last minute I changed his tongue!  The lizardy tongue somehow made him too un-bearlike and the new tongue added a more comical, sympathetic nature... I'm not sure which is better, but the bear tongue won out.  

   I used chalk to mark the cord placements and then attached the mask...

In this picture, you can also see the demon's chest:  I gave him a ribcage of 4 ribs (so 8 "legs" like a spider) and accented it with red teardrop beads.  


Meanwhile, Buffy was getting dressed.  Her shirt required a few tries, but eventually I got the cowl-neck right.  However, I had to change my plans concerning her skirt because the upholstery fabric was too stiff and the beautiful leather (thank you Sue!) was also too stiff over her thighs (and too hard to sew!).  Back to the fabric store!  I couldn't find anything in the color I wanted, but in black I was able to find a blend with spandex that was wonderfully easy to use!  With a little rope-ribbon belt, Buffy was very fashionable!  And of course she needs a very pointy little stake and a small cross on a gold chain to finish off!  Ta-da!  And she can stand on her own.






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