Ladies and Gentleman!

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!

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In the Center Ring, the Clowns!

In Ring Number 2 The Magnificent Monterey and His Fearsome Trained Rats!

(Quick, send Monterey some help!)

And in Ring Number 3, Willamena the Wonderful and Her Weasely Friends!

Care for a snack?

This table was on display at the Hug-In Teddy Bear Show and Sale in Toronto on May 1st, 2005, where it won "Best Dressed"!  

ClowningAround-ourtable.jpg (148222 bytes)It was a pleasure to take part in the Hug-In and both Sue Gueguen and I, Karen Waschinski, had an amazing time!  Sue-HappyCustomers.jpg (124103 bytes)To the right, there's Sue helping some happy customers and to the left that's our table in all its glory before the doors opened.  

This was the first show for Scratching at the Window and all my critters were well-received.  Teddy lovers couldn't stop petting Sue's wonderfully soft recycled fur Powder Puff Teddies, and the bears didn't mind!

MountieBear-both.jpg (88436 bytes)At the hotel's entrance stood this great big Mountie Teddy, welcoming everyone in!  Wow!

And here are some individual pictures of some of the creations on our table.  If any interest you, please inquire!  And if you were at the show and wondering if someone you're still thinking about is still available, please ask!  


PaminaPandora-costumes.jpg (53775 bytes)

Tobee-clown.jpg (59757 bytes)Here's my Tobee, a very pretty 12" rust mohair bear and my fully-wired 13" long female rats, Pamina and Pandora.


In our hotel room, Sue's favorite, Jabez, got into the wine while we were out (I think my woosel Trillia helped a bit with the cork!).

Jabez-Trillia.jpg (105866 bytes)


Our lovely ribbon for Best Dressed Table!




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