Venetian-style Mask

A Venetian-style mask constructed of 
fimo with a fabric backing and twisted cord ties.



The Pied Piper
Based on an image from the 1980 Cosgrove-Hall Productions model animation film "The Pied Piper of Hamelin".  This Piper was lovingly constructed of paper-maché over wire with face, hands and pipe of fimo detailed with acrylic paint.  Hair is off-white yarn, base is decorated with dried and synthetic flowers.  










   Debra has experimented with many different mediums and continues to explore different materials and techniques. Whether it's for a commissioned work or to surprise a friend who wants a certain centerpiece for a special occasion, she's willing to try anything once!












His face and torso in ceramic with a bronze



        On a marble base, the hand created in porcelain and the figurines carved from soapstone


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