Seian's Hair-Raising Adventures continued


Not one to mope, Seian made the best of her situation and even got a temporary mole to go with her short, curly red locks.

She even let her best friend talk her into participating in the Spring Rise-and-Shine Parade... although, foolishly, she didn't ask about the costumes.  She was none-too-impressed, when she went to pick hers up, to discover that the girls were supposed to portray flowers in the parade, purple and green ones of course.




Seian was a good sport, though...



...going so far as to dye her hair a matching purple.  Figuring she couldn't make matters worse, she used a do-it-yourself box job of red cabbage dye.








She was the hit of the parade, even winning the title of Ms Spring!  But before she even took the dye out of the box, she already had plans to meet with a stylist the next day.  You see, since her hair was already so short and so over-dyed, she had decided to cut most of what remained off and start anew.

So, off she went...


Trusting her new stylist completely...



And she was dazzled by the result!




After cutting off almost all of the curls, the hairdresser had given Seian a bouncey little do with feathery ends that beautifully framed her face.  He then had bleached it to match her fur-tone perfectly!  Seian was amazed and delighted!


So much so that she had to go out and dazzle her friends, in a new outfit of course...
















A black leather brazier and hot-pants all with multiple lacings and vinyl laced armbands made a knock-out outfit, with a choker and, of course, thigh-high boots.




Seian felt she'd finally found her look!




















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