Teddybears from all around the globe meet every year in Münster, Germany, for the Teddybear Total, the largest Teddy Bear show in the World!

(in Deutsch bitte!)

  And in 2003 there were three swans from Canada!

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An announcement from Karen Waschinski:

   It was more than six years ago when I first contacted German artist Angelika Schäfer-Siegmund about her beautiful bears.  Of course, I adopted one of her baby Polar Bears immediately!  Since then, the wide Atlantic hasn't hindered our friendship from growing and we communicate any way we can, by mail, telephone, e-mail and FAX.

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Angelika's baby Polar Bear

Hello from Angelika's Polar Bears

  I'm always amazed by Angelika's incredible talents!  It was, therefore, my great honor and privilege that in 2003 she asked for three of my swans to be included with her work at Teddybär Total!  





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Angelika's book, beautifully illustrated with full-color pictures throughout

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