The Demon...

Next to my cute, sweet, little blond Buffy there has to be a big, tall, frightening vampire-demon for her to easily slay!  So the monster-making began...  The above sketch is of the Demon-to-be's head.  

Following the TV show, most monsters were people dressed in costumes and fantastic makeup.  They had to be able to perform those wonderful fight scenes, after all!  So my monster began with the basic bear pattern that Buffy was based on.  I elongated the neck and snout and then pondered what to use to make the face???

...Clay!  And since Buffy will have her hand around his throat strangling the life out of him, his eyes will bulge from their sockets, big red/black/white swirly marbles, his tongue lolling out!  Thank you so much to Kellie at MacPherson Arts and Crafts in St. Mary's for all her advice, especially the warning that the glass marbles might explode in the oven!!!  So instead of Fimo I used Lyra, an air-drying clay, and created this "mask":



It fits snuggly over the black bear head, seen underneath, with its glow-in-the-dark Fimo fangs and ultrasuede tongue.  Of course, it needs to be painted red or black.  But first some cracks had to be filled (thanks again Kellie!) and it needed time to dry...

Earlier I used Fimo to make some lovely claws for his 3-toed feet and his bat-wing "thumbs".  So I started to construct the feet and legs.  Essentially, the feet resemble my dragon Fawn's feet, only much smaller.  The over-all effect here is somewhat bird-like, somewhat insect-like, hopefully creepy!


Then the wings... bat-like in red and black (and they'll get one "thumb" hook claw)!  They're completely wired to either surround his prey menacingly, or try to flap away!  











Okay, now he's scary!  Once I painted the "mask" he stopped looking like a fossil and came alive!  


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