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The Birth of an idea. . .

    Dà Fhaol Mharbh: A Vampyre's Faerytale tells the story of two vampires and their three thousand year long friendship.  What would be more appropriate than the birth of this novella occurring over dinner between two friends?  On the 100th anniversary of the publication of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Debra and I got together, enjoyed a Chinese buffet (gluttons' delight!), pondered the dismal fate of many a handsome vampire and decided that we could do better.  So, armed only with the hope for a happy ending, we embarked on a three year journey to create our boys Gryphon and Florian, capture their energy, poetry and passion on paper and set Dà Fhaol Mharbh free. 


And who we are. . .

    I don't think it's a surprise to anyone who knows me that I'd write a novel:  it was only a matter of time and finding the right partner.  It’s also not surprising that I'd write about faeries and vampires:   fantasy and horror have always mattered the most to me.   Combining respect for nature, love for all animal life and a healthy fear of the future with a twist of faerie lore and appreciation for the macabre, Dà Fhaol Mharbh was brewed with a sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant contribution from every aspect of my life.  In daylight hours, I'm a librarian while at night I write, make Teddy Bears and other soft sculpture critters and take care of my 2 wonderful dogs.  Although I fled Montreal and now live in a comfortable, small city, I'd like to live even farther out in the country on a farm tending angora goats and llamas, with or without a comely shepherd by my side.

  To take a look at Scratching at the Window, my soft sculpture critters, please click here


  Debra never thought she would be involved in a writing project, but since that fateful dinner, she’s found her space and time inundated with my scribblings, exasperated e-mails and printouts.  Preferring to work in three-dimensional mediums, she's told me time and time again that she's out of her element when it comes to the written word.  Nevertheless, acting as muse, sounding board and sometime antagonist, she's played many roles as Dà Fhaol Mharbh developed.  Originally from Trinidad, she’s been living in Eastern Canada for the past fifteen years.  Also working in a library, she spends her free time practicing various fine arts, watching horror movies and playing softball.  She’d very much like to have a huge loft right in the city core, make a living as an artist from her sculpture, stained glass and jewelry creations and (most especially) discover her soul mate.


(Photos by Debra or me, taken in the Mont Royal Cemetery and the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec)



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~~Dà Fhaol Mharbh: A Vampyre's Faerytale by Karen Waschinski (with Debra Yee)~~