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  With their whispering of eternal and mortal things, cemeteries repel some people and draw Glenwood&StMarys--in_the_dark.JPG (34842 bytes) others in, including our readers for many scenes in Dà Fhaol Mharbh take place in these final resting places.  Those who MontRoyal--candle.JPG (51842 bytes)appreciate graveyards know there’s a solitude and grace out amongst the stones that is absolutely unique and unmistakable.  There’s a cold that isn’t of the bone or flesh, a warmth that isn’t of the sun. . .   A paradox, where rabbits and apple trees thrive, deep below skeletal hands are folded over empty ribcages and maggots partake of their never-ending feast.  Of course, this is a perfect place for vampyres!  Remembering to keep our voices low and watch where we step, Debra and I have spent countless hours (and a lot of film) wandering about where handsome vampyres might find a good day’s slumber, finding ourselves amazed by the creativity, extravagance and emotion these places express.  Hope you enjoy this sampling MontRoyal--lying2_from_a_distance.JPG (63241 bytes) of our favorite photos.


Cemetery statuary is beautiful both in and out of context.  These sculptures are intricate works of devotion to the Art but also MontRoyal--grace-altered.JPG (40057 bytes)the touching memorials of those left behind to those gone before.  From a simple cross to a megalithic monument, these pieces speak volumes about what we think of art, life and death.  Cemeteries have stories to tell, care to listen?  If you’re lucky, you’ll hear music. . .


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(Photos by Debra or Karen, taken in the Glenwood & St. Mary's Cemetery, Watkins Glen, N.Y. and the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec.  We'd probably be delighted, but please don't use them without permission.)



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~~Dà Fhaol Mharbh: A Vampyre's Faerytale by Karen Waschinski (with Debra Yee)~~